As many of you have noticed, here at Gray Witch Tarot, we are collecting collaberating with the best psychics from around the world. Many of you have expressed that you have always wanted to learn how to read the Tarot. The truth is that the ability is in all of us. Generation after generation, we as a society, have closed our telepathic line to the spirt world. Gray Witch Tarot is now presenting an opportunity for you to re-establish this connection and jump from dial up to 5g with the spirit world. We are offering internships on the Tarot!
Msg your favorite reader if you want to become a pupil of the Tarot. There are 78 cards in the Tarot, this means you will have a minimum of 78 lessons. Classes run from 15 to 20 mins per card taught. You will learn how to interpret each card, learn if it is upper or lower arcana. You will learn how to interpret cards in reverse and how to tap into your own intuition. This is not a quick wham bam presentation but a 1 on 1 mentorship program spanning over 78 days. Also, if you want add on services like pendulum boards or nontraditional Tarot that is negotiated between you and the reader you choose to launch your studies under. Email or call to book.
Here is the breakdown:
In full $500.00
Major and minor split: $275.00 each x2
Card by card: $15.00 per card x78
All sales are final and cancelations are nonrefundable.