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About Us


   I/we are not a Physician or licensed counselor/therapist and no medical or physical health advise is given on this page.

All readings should be considered entertainment and no predictions are definite. I am a psychic, intuitive, empath, tarot reader and witch. Please use your better judgement before making life altering decisions when getting readings on serious matters such as pregnancy, relationships, financial concerns and major life area’s. Remember, readings are based off your current energies and the choices you make after a reading can change the direction of your future.

All services are purchased at clients discretion including Readings and spell work. I do not offer refunds for services rendered.

Remember that spells take time. If you purchase spell work through me, you must be patient with the outcome as magic can not be rushed. Magic also works off your energy, so be confident in the working and be committed to casting a spell before purchasing.

The views, services and transactions presented,  performed and collected by other readers are those of the speaker or author and do not necessarily represent the views, services or fees  of Gray Witch Tarot or its owners. 

Tarot reading by Jon aka Mr Gray
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