About the Readers

Mr Gray: Located in St. Louis  MO.

      I am the founder of Gray Witch Tarot. I started this network as a place for psychics and spiritual seekers alike to come together, have a place to safely grow, achieve a deeper spiritual connection and  gain an understanding of the world surrounding us all.

     I am an intuitive, empath, clairvoyant and Tarot reader. I also perform divination with Oracle, pendulum and Runes. Also, I am a practicing witch who is experienced in master spell casting.

     The services I offer are: private Tarot reading and spell casting. The type of casting I preform includes love, money, banishing and binding spells. You can catch me live on the Gray Witch Tarot Facebook group for free and donation based readings or contact me personally for your spiritual needs.

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Keisha: Guest located in the unknown.

     I am an intuitive tarot card reader, Claircognizant, clairsentient, Empath, and I also receive messages from spirit. Slowly I am learning that this journey, is just that, a never ending journey that keeps surprising me and allowing me new gifts and talents. I believe that the cards have the power to inspire you to take action and control of your life. But only if you honor your emotional & intuitive reactions for what they really are — a quiet, guiding intelligence.

     My private readings are designed to swiftly illuminate your current situation and explore possible choices & outcomes, to the future you want to create. My style is blunt, honest, and straight to the point. It can seem a little tough, but I love helping people, and Tarot is the best way that I’ve found to do just that. I promise to deliver my clearest intuitive messages, along with some tough love, compassion, and respect. Check out my facebook group Soal Healers ( The Vibe Tribe).

Book a reading now: Intuitivereadingswithtarot@gmail.com

 Shresth:  Guest Indian Mystic located in India.

     I have been spiritually inclined ever since  childhood, I am strongly connected to the father sky and mother earth , an intuitive empath who feels  others emotions and energy, I also read Aura  to learn about a person's potentialities and drawbacks and give guidance on cleansing and strengthening it.  I am an old soul  I have been doing this for many lifetimes. , I use divination tools like; Tarot cards,  Oracle cards,  Crystals  & read coffee cups(tasseography) to take a peek into someone's past present or future. I also channel messages for Querents to make the best out of any situation . 

     I work my energy through fortune telling and guiding people to reach their highest potential as a spiritual being.

     I work closely with the elements of the earth so I can cast spells for blockage removal, Karma cleansing , manifestation of desires, Past life regression & Energy healing .

Book a reading now: tarotwithshrestha@gmail.com

Corie: Guest located in Ohio.

     I am intuitive, a medium, and a psychic tarot card reader. I am a white witch and i have been practicing for 11 years. My gifts started to manifest at a very young age. I knew when the phone would ring or someone was going to knock at the door. As I got older these feelings of just knowing became stronger and stronger. The Universe led my path to a women who taught me about my gifts and helped me cultivate them further. Ive been working with Pendulums and Tarot cards for the past 11 years. Both of those tools opened a door for me to be able to hear spirits. These gifts are my souls purpose and I want to share them with the world.

Book a reading now: Corielynn1214@gmail.com 614-653-4419

Mira Dee: Guest located in St. Louis MO.

     I am a spiritual teacher and healer whose mission is to guide each individual on the path back to themselves and deeper into their truths. My main mode of divination is tarot, but I interpret dreams, teach meditation, work with plant medicines, and am learning to read bones. I am also an empath. My strongest intuitive tools are claircognizance and clairsentience.

     My journey started with prophetic dreaming at the age of 7, which eventually sparked a deep desire to connect with spirit through the occult arts. My main forms of magic are based on hermetic principles, the cycles of the moon. My true intention here is to remind people of their place in the great web of life, teach them to trust themselves, and catalyze their return to the light that lies within each and every one of us.

Book a reading now: miradee@miradeetarot.com

Arica: Guest located in Michigan .

     I am an Intuitive empath, oracle reader, pendulum reader, and aura reader. I can tell you which chakras are needing help as well. I offer Private Readings and Guidance from Spirit. I use my tools to find the answers or help you find clarity for your personal needs. Growing up I was always super sensitive to everything around me and have always been connected to the Divine Spirit. I have a deep belief in Angels and Guides that come through in my card readings. I can see Auras ever since I was young. I went through Dark Night of the Soul at age 35 when I knew that things were changing and everything grew to be much stronger. I have been able to develop myself and help others along the way. I can also help with teaching and inspiring others To be able to Manifest the life they want. I hope to be a Calming bright light to people and source of support.

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