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Welcome to Gray Witch Tarot! We are based in St. Louis MO. This site is our, “off social media” base camp. We provide virtual spiritual services through various platforms and face to face. We have a facebook group, listed as Gray Witch Tarot, that is a private group to protect the anonymity of each member. The site and group features live and pre recorded readings and spiritual services from Mr. Gray. We also host guest psychics from around the world to help bolster and support the expansive psychic community. This is done so in efforts to help grow each psychic’s individual career and business. During the live readings we offer free and donation-based readings for our members. In the evening it is not uncommon to have 4 or 5 readers live at once. Feel free to pop into each live and say hello. If you are not on facebook, do not worry, because we can arrange a session via; zoom, video chat, over the phone and once we are no longer in the apocalypse, known as covid-19, face to face. Private readings are also available with each one of our guest readers, though prices may vary between readers and companies. The prices vary by; the psychic you are drawn to, type of divination, length of session, location and type of spread. Above and beyond Tarot, Mr. Gray and  many of our guest readers offer other spiritual based services such as; protection spells, love spells, manifestations and much much more. However, we do not offer channeling, demonology or conjuring. All of our guest readers keep 100% of what they make. We are focused on helping each other grow spiritually and professionally.  We understand that there is no true black or white magic, however, intent and karma are very real and what goes around comes around. We may draw from darkness to bring forth light and cast light into darkness so we can find our way. The one thing you can guarantee is that our psychics are genuine and move forward with loving intent.

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