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How tarot changed my life... for the better!

It's been several years since I began pursuing tarot professionally, and I've been reflecting on the positive changes it has brought into my life. As a child, I was fascinated by the supernatural and deeply interested in topics like hauntings, witchcraft, and divination, including tarot. However, I pursued a career in healthcare, working as an integrated health specialist in mental health and focusing on climbing the corporate ladder.

During the pandemic, I had a sudden realization, one might say an awakening. I felt a strong urge to read tarot online, and after reaching out to a group owner, I was hired on the spot after passing a tarot reading test. Soon after starting live broadcasts, I gained a large following and received requests for private readings. I eventually created my own tarot group on Facebook, "Gray Witch Tarot".

As my tarot work became increasingly demanding, I faced a difficult choice – to continue in my healthcare career or commit fully to tarot. Ultimately, I decided to leave my healthcare job behind and fully embrace my potential in the world of tarot.

Fast forward to 2024, and I now have a website, an LLC, and two active Facebook pages. I wake up every day feeling inspired and ready to work. I no longer experience burnout, and I am increasingly connected with my true authentic self. What's most fulfilling to me is the impact I have on others. I love hearing from clients about the positive changes they've made based on their tarot readings and witnessing their growth and successes.

In summary, tarot has profoundly changed my life for the better and I encourage anyone interested in tarot to give it a try. It might just bring positive changes into your life as well.

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Wow how amazing that you kept leaving trails of your light for others to find their path and purpose . You’re an amazing person and your choices kept empowering people / light workers like me to dive deeper into our true nature, you’re truly a gem 💎 wishing you love and success 🍀

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